About ~ You Leave Em, I Love Em ~
This is a pet sitting business where I come into your home and care for your pets while you are away.
It is much easier than boarding a pet & less stressful for you & for your pet.
Plus, you know your pet is home, where he/she is much more comfortable.

I lovingly care for dogs, cats, birds, hedgehogs, lizards, fish & many species. 
I will come to your home first to meet you & your pet. I have not ever had to turn anyone down but if I find living conditions to be to unbearable I will do so.
I am all about the pets & their safety. Texas has some hot summers & wild springs.
I feel animals need to have protection from such.

Normally, I spend 30 minutes each visit. If the pet is sad, I stay longer & there is not an additional cost for that.
For indoor dogs, it is best to have 3 visits daily. Unless they have a doggy door.
Each visit only cost $18.00, for up to 3 pets.
If you have over 3 pets, it will be an additional $2.00 per pet.
However, if you have 3 dogs & a lizard or fish, I will work with you & not charge the $2.00's extra.  

You get a Package Deal with My Home Pet Care ~ you get your mail & newspapers picked up, so you do not have to cancel those delivery's.
I will take out your trash on trash day.
Water your indoor/outdoor plants & alternate lights too, if you so desire.

Please feel free to call me to ask any questions & discuss any concerns.
Thank You! Blessings!

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